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Does the Bathmate Gains Will be Permanent?

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Bathmate equipment

What is Bathmate?

Bathmate is just a revolutionary unit that gains penis enlargement, where it’s known as a world leader, for complete penile health. In addition, the normal use of the Bathmate maintains the manhood in a situation that is primary, creating rock-hard, resilient erections and sexual joy that is increased.

Although merchandise can be utilized in oxygen, the most effective benefits for developing optimum enlargement and penile health is when it’s used with water, sometimes in perhaps the bath or the shower. for example, this vacuum pump is used with water.

The strength of the Bathmate is award-winning designers who completely understand vacuum technicians when put on the manhood design it.

Advantages of Bathmate Gains

The crucial advantages of this innovative layout over conventional oxygen pumps contain: sealing around the pelvic fit and never to the length of the manhood, as with traditional pumps, the complete amount of the penis engorged and exercised.

The makes for enhancement across the total penis base, not simply the part beyond the seal, leading over the full length of the penis to stable, rockhard erections.

The moving process and valve process allow the penis to become pumped-up in levels, permitting blood to move out and in of the penis. Doctors agree that that is highly advantageous to manhood. The stream of oxygenated blood flushes contaminants from the manhood, enabling whole expansion of escalation that is better and the tissues in size of the cells, consequently creating the penis bigger with no folding.

Utilizing the incredible energy of water is what stands this product aside. A far more powerful vacuum is created by water than oxygen which to larger capacity leads in turn to enhance size and to exercise manhood. Unlike oxygen, water is incompressible, and so the cleaner generated is strong and the complete machine must be filled from the penis’ growth. Hot water also assists blood flow because it increases, making it the best of pumps to use and at the same time the manhood. Another fact proved in the united states by Doctors.

Whether utilized in the bathtub, bath, or air, the Bathmate might be utilized and pumped up in seconds using one hand, of course, if you get the shower strap, you can power up while in the shower while Bathmate grows your penis hands-free as you wash.

Using the very small of transferring components, the Bathmate is practically maintenance-free, aside from recommended cleaning with the Bathmate cleaning system after use.

In its style and ease of use’s simplicity. Composed of a polycarbonate pipe, analyzed to resist pressure pressures of 400 kilograms and influence causes of 20 kilograms lowered from the level of three meters, you can be guaranteed this vacuum tube can last a lifetime with correct use.

The gaiter is produced from a higher rank, skin rubber compound that was safe. The base of the gaiter is fitted having a skin-safe comfort band, allowing perfect closing to the pelvic chair nevertheless giving comfort’s highest level. The quick-release device is specifically made to enable rapid release of the machine, letting the Bathmate become quickly slid off the penis once the exercise is accomplished. The push is completed by a measurement gauge to show the consumer how he is growing.

Does Bathmate Give Permanent Results?

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Used Vacuum Pump 25 Days Later

Yes, the results from using Bathmate can be permanent, but you have to consistently use the penis pump if you want the results to stick.

Compare it with going to the gym. Would your gains remain permanently if you ceased going to the gym?
For even better results, don’t just rely on the Bathmate. Combine the daily use of the device with penis enlargement exercises such as jelqing or stretching.

Regardless of your health, you should be able to experience quick, noticeable results from Bathmate.  Most men will be able to gain about 1-3 inches of their length and 30% of their original width.  However, these results do vary per person.  If you want to get the best results from Bathmate, you must have good circulation and healthy cells.

Blood circulation is key to how Bathmate works.  So, to get more benefits, you will want to improve your circulation.  There are many ways to get better circulation.

The best method is to start exercising.  When you exercise, your heart pumps faster and more blood reaches all areas of your body, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your organs – including your penis.

You can also boost your circulation by eating a heart-healthy diet rich in dark greens and purple/blue fruits like pomegranate or blueberries. If you can’t stick to a healthy diet, then consider taking a supplement while using Bathmate.

You will not only see faster, better results from Bathmate, but your erections will be stronger and your overall health better.

To speed up permanent penis enlargement with Bathmate, you will want to make sure that your cells are healthy and can replicate quickly.

Part of this has to do with good circulation since blood flow brings nutrients to your cells.  But, if you aren’t getting enough nutrients, then no amount of blood flow is going to help your cells replicate faster.

Make sure that you are getting enough amino acids and your essential vitamins and minerals. While these supplements won’t help you get a larger penis, they can help you get much better results when you use Bathmate.

How to Use Bathmate for Permanent Gains

Bathmate is very easy to use and you can get started in just a few seconds after your enlargement device arrives.  Just make sure that you read all of the instructions first so you always enlarge your penis safely!

Bathmate in the Bathtub

permanent bathmate gains from pumping

The best way to use Bathmate is in the bathtub.  First, fill up the tub and get ready to relax.  Then, fill the Bathmate with water.  While it is underwater, put your penis into the hollow chamber and pull it towards your body.

Bathmate should be snug against your pubic area.  You will need to pump the Bathmate a few times.  As you pump, you will notice some water leaving the pressure release valve at the top of the device and pressure building up on your penis.

At this point, you don’t have to keep Bathmate submerged underwater anymore. Keep pumping until the pressure is comfortable or until no more water leaves the Bathmate.

Once you have Bathmate on and it is suctioning your penis full of blood, you can just sit back and relax in the tub.  About every 5 minutes, pump Bathmate a few more times.

Because Bathmate makes your penis get larger, more water will be able to come out.  When you want to remove Bathmate, just activate the pressure release valve.

Ideally, Bathmate should be used at least 3 times a week (for better results, use it daily) for 15 minutes each session.

Bathmate in the Shower

bathmate permanent results in shower

You can also use Bathmate in the shower if you don’t want to bother filling up the tub.  It is best to shower for a few minutes first though because the hot water will get the blood circulating to your genitals.

Fill up the Bathmate chamber while you are holding the end so no water escapes.  With the Bathmate angled downwards (to keep water from spilling out), put your penis into the Bathmate chamber.

Pull the device towards your pubic area and pump it a few times.  The Bathmate should suction on your body, becoming sealed in place.  Then, follow the instructions as if you were in the tub.

Bathmate is very easy to keep clean and the device even comes with sterilizing tablets and a cleaning brush.  All you need to do is fill a basin or your sink with warm water and then drop one of the sterilizing tablets inside.

Then, put your Bathmate into the water and let it sit for about 20 minutes.  To really get your Bathmate clean, you can push the Bathmate on the side of the basin and pump it a few times. This will make the pressurized water flow through the release valve and clean off any residue.  The Bathmate cleaning brush is made to fit the device perfectly.  Just swish it inside and rinse the device with water.

If you are using Bathmate with lubricant, make sure to use a water-based lubricant.  Oil-based lube is much more difficult to clean and could create a residue in the Bathmate.

Bathmate Gains after 8 months

but sometimes we will get different voices, let us read the 8 months experience post.

8 months Bathmate description:

I have seen quite a few posts on here where the OP is asking about the validity of the Bathmate. Now don’t get it twisted, I have seen blogs/forums where people claim to have gained an inch or more in penis size from using the Bathmate. Some people on PEGYM actually claim to have gained an inch in 3 months! That sounded absurd but that is one of the things that made me purchase a Bathmate Hercules in June 2014.

It’s been 9 months and what can I tell you so far? Well, first things first here are my Original measurements: 6.3 x 4.6 [ERECT] and 4.0 x 4.2 [Flaccid]. As you can see I had what you would call a not-so-thick dick. Anyways, when I use the bathmate, my pump takes me to 5.0 x 5.2 [Flaccid] and I have never measured my erect length whilst on a pump but it does not seem that I gain much in erect length so I’ll assume my erect length remains at 6.4 inches. But my ERECT girth is 5.7inches and there was one time I pumped my Erect girth to 6.0 inches!!!!

How long does this pump last? 

Initially, it would last maybe 2hrs, over time it has begun to last longer, but it still varies though, but it reduces in increments. These days When I come out of the Bathmate I am usually 5.0 x 5.2 flaccid, within 10 mins it goes down to 4.8 x 5.2 flaccid and remains like that for 8 hours or so, then it falls down to 4.5 x 4.8 or so.. a few hours later it’s back to normal dick.

Sometimes, it practically stays stuck on 4.5 x 4.5 for 2 days in a row without me re-pumping..and that is not my normal flaccid. However, I took 5 days off and I woke up with a normal dick. Feels annoying when you’ve worked hard for all that pump.

I don’t Jelq or stretch anymore (tried it when I was 19 for 2 months), I live with my parents now so no time for that, sometimes I’m home alone and I do some Jelqs but 90% of the time it is just 15-20mins in the bathmate. Do I get fluid retention? Hell yeah, actually my best pumps come from Huge fluid retentions. And I find that Fluid retention comes when you spend 20mins plus in the bathmate, If I pump without getting fluid retention, the pump will probably last 3/4hrs.

Now the Juicy part! Sex with the Pumped dick = Yup did it twice actually. Had sex with this girl who I had fucked a few weeks before I bought my bathmate. So I knew what she was like during sex. she scratches, does some minor “MMMM’S and AHHHH’S”. After I bought the bathmate, I invited her over, pumped whilst she was on her way of course, fucked her with a bathmate dick, and yeah – Her pussy kept making this farting noises, thought she was farting at first. And she was moaning Loudly than she normally does – I had to give her a pillow because I wanted to hear if someone would knock on the door.

The second occasion, I pumped, went to visit a girl I had been talking to, was in her house within 1hour, fucked her for the first time – She came. I have made a girl cum before but this time my dick was thicker. I could feel it in my hands.. like a whole new dick to me whenever I pump.

In conclusion

Does the Bathmate work? urm it depends on what you mean by “work”. If it’s a temporary increase in penis size then yeah it works, If it’s a permanent increase. well, I have used it for 8 months and I haven’t seen any permanent gains so far. I have had people say you don’t see gains till A YEAR has passed, so who knows. I am still 22, when I get a job I will be buying a penis extender because I heard that there is a scientific study proving that it increases length. I just want to be 7.0 x 5.0. [ERECT]

My original stats are 6.3 x 4.6 [ERECT] All these measurements are without a BONE PRESS

Bathmate Gains after 4 months

After seeing the posts over the last few months, I wanted to share my experiences and progress. I have used Bathmate for 4.5 months and have learned a lot as well as achieved some nice gains.


My growth isn’t matching the chart (discussed below) I started with. Length is ahead and girth is behind. For me that is perfect as the charted girth would be too much and I would love to be really long.

Went from 5.8-inch bepl with 4.75-inch base girth to 7.2-inch bepl and 5.5-inch base girth. That last measurement was after resting with no PE for 24 hours. I do have a darker/redder skin color from under the head to where the pump really starts. I have lost NO sensitivity and my EQ is much better. My flaccid average length went from 2ish inches to 4ish inches if I am not cold. I know people would like before and after pics, but just don’t want to post pics of my dick.

My Goal

Shooting for 8 inches insertable and around 5.75 inches girth. That should be fine for her. Will go bigger if she is good with it. Basically, grow until she tells me I have to stop.

If you haven’t seen it yet (it is in comments and posts everywhere), this is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t fuck up your dick being greedy for gains. I read a post on the PE subreddit about a guy that damaged something in his dick and couldn’t get an erection. He had contemplated suicide but was working through it. Take it slow and build up. There are tons of resources on both Reddit and other sites. Please read as much as you can. I also found this routine and followed it for the first month.

My Experience

First Month:

I accepted that the first month might be no gains and was all about figuring out how to do this without hurting myself as well as letting my dick get used to doing this at all. The first month was rough and I really wanted to push myself which lead to mushrooming, doughnuts, bloat, red dots, and other issues. But I learned how this all works and what pressures were ok. I was going in flaccid with times getting longer up to 10 minutes.

Second Month:

I start semi-erect and short time building up. I also started experimenting with jelqing focusing on base to head ring jeql and the v jelq. The gains were good this month but still a lot of figuring out to do.

Third Month:

I stopped jelqing because of time and soreness. I was also curious if jelqing was even needed. I saw fewer gains this month and more issues. This was the most boring month.

Fourth Month:

Started jelqing before a long pump but didn’t like that. Tried jelqing after but didn’t like that. Ended up doing my current routine which has challenges but seems better. Porn doesn’t get me as excited as it uses to, so now it takes a little more effort to get hard enough to jelq between the later pumps. The Bathmate gains were very good but this was the month that the gains were more than just numbers on a chart.

Early in the month, when starting to have sex, after I slid in, my wife made me wait while she adjusted to my size. Huge pride moment there. This happens every time now. Later in the month, I woke up with a stiffy, decided to play for a second, and noticed I had to move my hand more than I used to. Then I realized how much the girth had changed with how I wrapped my hand around.

Also, earlier in the month I order a sizegenetics knockoff from amazon and started using it. This really helps a lot I think but need more time to know. I had to adjust how much pressure because if you push too hard, you will for sure get a donut mid-shaft after using SG.

Fifth Month:

I’m about halfway through right now. Very happy so far. For pressure, I roughly follow the 10% rule. Multiply your length by 10% and I apply pressure to expand that much. So, going in hard, with pretty much no suction pressure (I press down with one hand), I get to around 6.5 according to the on-pump scale (stupid fat pad). I then pump to about 7.1 or 7.25 depending on how it feels that day. Key is not too much because I go right to SG afterward. Small dots happen but with the jelqing and coconut oil, they are gone by morning (I pump at night.) I generally do 3 days on, 1 day off depending on how sore I am. One note, when I started, I was measuring with two different methods for length (bepl and some other from the side thing.) This was a mistake. I have picked one way and will use only it (bepl from the right side and make sure to adjust the natural curve.)

Interesting things:

* My dick is noticeably darker where the Bathmate works. I don’t care, and neither does my wife.

* Sometimes I get out the big dildo mentioned above to remind myself of my goal.

* Still see a little cum after taking the Bathmate off from time to time.

* When I look at my dick, it looks smaller than I actually am. Seems to be normal for people regardless of what part they are trying to improve.

* I track bepl and insertable. At the end of the day, insertable is what we care about in addition to girth.

* Pumping drunk is dangerous but somehow, I get more length without injury in the pump. Not sure how that happens. Don’t do this often.

* After I was slightly bigger than that first dildo, I realized she was getting used to my bigger dick. Not sure what her max actually is but will keep “testing” with her until we find out. I wonder if she will just get used to the increases and I can shoot for my original goal.

* She doesn’t really see the difference from before to now yet but she feels the difference. One of my goals is she sees the difference.

* It’s harder to get the final drops out of a longer hose.

* You might need to be more careful adjusting yourself when you go to sleep in case you get a boner or morning wood.

* I had to throw out different kinds of pants and underwear because they were squishing my dick.

* When I started using sizegenetics knockoff, I notice the tip of my dick would get cold. I got worried at first and made a point of putting breaks in. After a few weeks, I don’t have that issue.

* Condoms don’t fit right after the pump for me. They cut in and are challenging to get off after.

* Working out / lifting weights supposedly helps you heal faster and grow faster. I work out and it seems true.


* Go slow and build up.

* For length, jelqing, and stretching are critical. I highly recommend SG.

* Figure out how to record your progress. Use actually measurements and do the measurements the same way every time. Once a month works for me.

* I recommend the Bathmate Extremes with the hand pumps. Easier to fine-tune the pressure and less pushing on sensitive areas between your legs.

* I apply enough coconut oil to allow my fingers to glide easily over the skin while jelqing. Helps me get a good 3 or 4 count on a full shaft travel.

* After your 2nd or 3rd time in, if you are generous with coconut oil like me, the sensation will be lessened because there is all that oil layered on.

* After I pull out of the pump, I use my fingers to get the water off before applying coconut oil.

* Find porn you really like and will like after multiple watches and put it on something easy to watch. I have an older Android tablet I use.

* Set a timer for your 5 minutes in. It is really hard to guess time and this takes the guessing out. I use my phone.

* I listen to regular music but watch porn. Not sure if this helps but makes it less boring.



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